Hello world!

11208662_863719177032960_2301222390489532980_nThis is your very first post. 

Am very excited about it, i have always wanted have a blog or rather the people who love me always wanted me to start a blog and now finally its here.yaaay!!!!!!!!

My blog is about motivating and inspiring you as they say that Rainy days give people like me a special kind of motivation….. Many will try to knock you down in life, but what counts is how and if you get back up and keep going. From losing a mother at a tender age I can relate i know it hard but don’t you give up in whatever situation that you in. I remember my mother always saying that “don’t ever let the words of someone else bring you down.It’s not the word of other people that should matter it should be the words from deep inside you that mean the most! so if you have a dream, dream on and don’t give up on it. not everyone will wish for your success. Every morning as you wake up go to the mirror look at your reflection and say to your self “Don’t ever forget that your past; as painful as it may be, is what turned you into the AMAZING, SMART & LOVING person you are today… ♥

Happy Reading!!!!! !


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  1. Nigel Choruma
    Apr 30, 2015 @ 15:43:50

    You’re an amazing inspiration and I hope this all works out well for you lots of love..!! I can also relate to losing a parent at a young age and it was awful I was 5 years old but life goes on and in the end if you keep on going it all works out!



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