It’s the chances you don’t take, the moments you let slip away that you look back and wish you could re-do. It’s so much nicer to look back and say, I did that!A journey lies ahead for most of us today, a journey to adulthood our youth to kiss away. But as we go we find ourselves at a truly awkward stage where we can’t really figure out what is going on . We’re partial, unripe, sketchy and crude at this tender age.  We’re old enough to make a choice yet still young in many ways. Too young to pack our bags and go, too old to want to stay.


I don’t expect you to be perfect, just learn from your mistakes, stop going down the same road, because I won’t watch while you make the same mistakes again.


Young enough for fun and games, too old for carefree lives. Young enough for hopes and dreams, yet for reality we strive. Old enough for heartfelt pain, too young to find the cure, too old for childish way of past, too young to be mature.

Old enough to fall in love and give our hearts away, But, still too young to understand just why we feel that way. Like an uncompleted work of art, we’re awkward, unsure, half baked, but be patient please for we’re on our way to becoming something great.

I’ve learned who to trust & who to ignore. I don’t forgive people because I’m weak, I forgive them because I’m strong enough to know that people make mistakes.Close some doors. Not because of pride, but because that no longer fits your life.


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