The test are done. the pencils are down. The books are closed. The homework’s turned in. We’ve made it to the end so what next for you?? Graduation means to Grab life by the horns, Rise above, Apply yourself, Dare to Be Unique, And To Take on life with incredible optimism when no one else can. So today I decided to share with you the things I wish I had known about life after graduation.

You will notice that your circle will decrease because now you realize that true friends never measure your friendship by how often you see them, but rather the good times you’ve shared together and how long you’ve been there but its a sad thing when you realize that your “real” friends have turned into acquaintances over time.

Your wardrobe change  and you will be wishing and waiting for the weekends to come so that you can wear your favorite tight jeans, top or just your favorite sneakers and hoodie.

Spend your money on experiences, not material items your 20s are for traveling, embrace being young.

Going to bed early and waking up early becomes a part of you and when you stay up even for 30 minutes past your “normal” bed time you will be cranky and grumpy the whole day at work.

The 7-5 schedule (for people like me) is really terrible the first month, but it becomes routine much more quickly than you’ll anticipate. But hey over sleeping is also a possibility lol.

The things that you once saw as weird and boring become the best and interesting part of your life like you’ll actually start looking forward to going to the supermarket or just the market for your grocery, and you will be really anticipating for grocery r households BIG sales, crazy right mh

Baby announcements and baby pumps or just baby pictures on social media from your friends become a norm that you get to used to it and you start to wonder what you not doing that all you friends are *don’t answer that

You’ll actually start taking care of the place where you’re living e.g cleanliness

There’s something powerful about being able to pay for your entire life, and there’s also something really humbling about thinking you have way more money than you ever did before but are definitely still poor.

Being able to save is the best think ever since now you are on your on No mummy and daddy to give you the pocket money so think about tomorrow and not just today. Yeah we only live once (yolo Motto) but think about it have a little put aside for tomorrow also think twice about large purchases the first year in your new job- it’s better to save. (wish someone told me this earlier)

You should never be afraid to negotiate and bargain when you can it can save you lots of money that can be used for something else. mmmh??

You’ll be thinking about money a lot, so it’s important to have a financial plan and to remind yourself that money does not buy happiness even though as girls we think it does NO IT DOESN’T.

They say distance is hard, but i say there wrong, because long distance relationships are really, really normal at this age It doesn’t make it easier but if you have to do it, it will be worth it.

Read something don’t just stay idle.

You’ll have to really make an effort to stay in touch with friends- they’re no longer right down the hall, across the street, or hanging in the booth at your favorite joint. It’s not bad to schedule time to catch up, in fact that’s probably the only way you’ll be able to stay in touch.

The grass is always greener on the other side. So never think you cant do it because someone told you that you cant. Believe in yourself and remember you can.

Time spent trying to be the best version of yourself is never wasted

Sometimes all you need to clear your head is a ride down a back road with the windows down and the radio on in short what am saying is always have time for yourself.

Don’t worry if you still don’t know what you want to do with your life, just remember that there is one simple rule for success that we need to learn that “Just try one more time in a different way before you decide to quit”.

Your Facebook profile pictures won’t change nearly as often as it did in before but its probably for the best.

Have someone who you can look up to.

NB: Sometimes we just need to look at things for what they ARE, not what we want them to be or hoped they would be but for what they actually are.

Hope this helps you.



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