Am in a festive mood and its only November but oh well, i thought i would write my early letter to Santa.


santa 2

Hi Santa how have things been since the last time i wrote you a letter? i hope you’ve been good as i have been all year long, i have tried helping the poor, being nice and trying to avoid conflicts,also i have kept all the friends i had (i guess), am not mean to strangers and the list is endless.



This Christmas i just want some things, here is the list.

  1.  This year for Christmas I am going green. So instead of gifts this year, please leave money trees.
  2. A nice single guy; funny, smart, would be really nice. Wrapping is optional.
  3. Snow in Kenya would really be awesome
  4. My list is kinda long but ill stop here for now.
  5. We can always chat. 🙂
  6. the rest is up to you i know you will make the best decision.

NB: Santa i saw your Instagram pictures, you’re getting clothes and a bible for Christmas!

Yours Loving

Miss Nkatha, XoXo



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