Every year we all go about setting resolution to which most of the times we don’t accomplish them and every end of the year when we are in church or club or just at home and the Priest/pastor/friends/parents/or just a stranger asks us if we accomplished those resolution our answers are always the same “No”. Are you not tired of that?? Do YOU really want to be that kind of a person that just says but doesn’t do? I don’t! and so this year i will set other resolution and really aim at achieving them. Let’s learn to keep our words, and as the saying goes what you confess is what you get.. so confess positive and you will get positive confess negative and trust me that is what you’ll get. So after reading this, think about what you really what with your life.

Let not 2016 be like 2015 make it  even better.

I pray and trust that mine will be……. For the ones we have lost in 2015 a moment of silent for them.. let their souls rest in eternal peace. May God give you courage and love to face the world without those that you lost.

For the babies born in 2015 i pray that God grants you peace, protection and to live a life that is full of opportunity and blessings.

To friends new and old we have had in 2015 let’s make 2016 a greater, loving, and filled with more laughter.. let’s make memories.

To family may 2016 be a better year for us.

And to my pillowsabers (lol) i love you so much thanks for the support in 2015 let’s do more of this 2016. May all your dreams, goals be achieved! i know you can. God bless you all.

Live, Love, Dream, Conquer.


Photo Credits: Generali Njogu 🙂


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  1. wanjikulena
    Jan 04, 2016 @ 08:54:53

    i bet we will grow stronger

    Liked by 1 person


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