Life is traveled only once..Today’s moment becomes tomorrow’s memory..Enjoy every moment; good, bad, happy, or sad;because the gift of life is LIFE itself, a moment in this lifetime, just a tragedy ahead… Not knowing where each turn will lead to within minutes i might be dead.. i mean we might be all dead (we all know that day will come). Live each day to the fullest, do not stop to wonder why, do everything your heart desires and in dreams, reach for the sky!!!!

Remember that while you are taking your next breath someone is taking their last breath. Stop complaining and appreciate life. With so many people among us, there are no certainties, and all it takes is just one person to rewrite the history. Don’t waste one single  moment, how very precious that they are. What seems a long way off, is really not that far off,sometimes you have to do what is best for you and your life, not what is best for everybody else.



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