Hi Everyone? So i have had a particular song on repeat for the past few weeks and lets just say it has become my new favourite song  the song am talking about is “No longer a slave” by Bethel Music where they sing: I’m no longer a slave to fear; I am a child of God. Theses lyrics have tugged at my heartstrings. Fear fills our mind with darkness and endless over-analysis of situations. This then pulls us into panic, which simply makes our minds more and more vulnerable, and often more and more irrational. It destroys any positive view of ourselves that we have, and seeps toxic despair into us. A strong distraction often seems like the only way to break out of such a cycle.

To face such fears head-on is not only absolutely daunting, but sometimes absolutely impossible once we’re stuck in cycles of panic. Recently, I have heard a lot of talks about living fearlessly. Both my family and in my church i have been hearing about this subject about fear and overcoming it, and now this song is stuck in my head, maybe God is trying to tell me something! Fear is something that everyone faces. For me, at the moment it would be terrifyingly easy to become a slave to fear and worry about my future,Work, friends, love, money, rejection, death and well Cats.

When people and situations seem so far out of my control, all human nature within me screams anxiety and fear. But this song has reminded me that we don’t need to be victimized by fear. A total absence of fear can be a reality in fact. Imagine that?! What would we do differently day to day if only we knew what it meant to live fearlessly. I don’t think an absence of fear means safety. I think it means total surrender to a God who knows the beginning to the end. It means knowing whose daughter I am, and why that makes a difference in this world. I think it means utter peace in my heart and mind that whatever happens, I still know who the winner is. His name is Jesus.I find  peace in simply giving the whole matter over to God after all, we are constantly urged to Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). This has been my greatest anxiety by far, so surely this is the most significant fear I can ever cast upon Him.Fear is no longer our master.  With God, we have true freedom from fear.When you find yourself faced with decision to, “go big or go home,” just remember..Fear is temporary; Regret is forever! and God loves you so much remember I’m no longer a slave to fear; I am a child of God be blessed. 


I’m going to embrace my future, shed the past, and Live Fearlessly.



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  1. Tash
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 06:44:17

    Awesome piece right there! I am no longer a slave of fear.

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  2. Mary Njeri
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 08:38:17

    love love it…❤❤❤ very true we shouldn’t be slaves of our own fear or anything coz God is always on control

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  3. Njesh
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 08:38:53

    love love it…❤❤❤ very true we shouldn’t be slaves of our own fear or anything coz God is always on control

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  4. mainagakere13
    Feb 23, 2017 @ 20:15:12

    Enjoyed the post. I have the same problem with fear or in my case: Confidence. I know with the power of prayer I will overcome it and be fearless.

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