‘I will bless the Lord at all times — His praise shall continually be in my mouth’ (Psalm 34:1).”


Where does your strength comes from? Every one of us have  times when they are completely discouraged and just want to give up and everyone else around you tells you how it will be fine and that you will come out a victor but you still cant imagine how that will happen. If you are a believer and run to God for everything you will start asking Him hard question like “why me, what did i do to deserves all this pain and misery in life. It’s good to know that our Father invites us to confide in Him, to share our feelings honestly in prayer. He cares for us and understands our needs and weaknesses. We can draw near to Him by singing psalms or hymns, or reflecting on His goodness and speaking well of Him. Of course, there are times when this may seem too difficult, but even whispering a prayer of praise can usher in a sense of liberty and peace.There have been times when I’ve thought, “I’ll never be encouraged.” Yet as soon as I begin to remind myself of His mercy and goodness, the clouds disperse. Now this doesn’t mean that those problems will suddenly disappear or that it will be smooth sailing from here on out, but it does mean that my face will brighten again and the weight of the burden will lessen. I’ll be able to experience the joy of the Lord in the midst of life’s storms and challenges. It is possible to praise the Lord in hardship. In one sense, it’s a choice, not a feeling. It becomes a kind of personal battle cry. Even when our run has slowed to a crawl and our shout has died down to a whimper — we can wait on our good Father with fierce expectation. He is faithful and true. If we can’t praise Him for our circumstances, we can praise Him in spite of them. Ultimately, it’s the Lord who heals the distressed soul. The Holy Spirit causes our hearts to overflow with hope. He turns the light on where once there was only darkness. There is power in the flow of the Spirit! Knowing He’ll meet us when we are most broken is the beautiful reality of living the abundant life. When we think of praise, it may help to note that this includes thanksgiving, speaking well of God, confessing faith, and a vast array of adoring expressions. I think the enemy knows that as long as we wait for everything to line up before we praise the Lord, we’ll stay stuck a lot longer than we need to. We can still praise Him because He’s worthy. We can still praise Him for the Cross. True joy and peace don’t originate with us, but come to us as the gifts and fruit of God’s grace. May we always pour out our hurting hearts to Him in prayer, and then reaffirm: I’m still going to praise Him. I have hope, He is faithful to help, and He is my God! Whether I understand everything or not, with an answer or without one, Even when my strength is lost I’ll praise you, Even when I have no song I’ll praise you, Even when it’s hard to find the words,Louder then I’ll sing your praise. Take this mountain weight Take these ocean tears Hold me through the trial Come like hope again -Hillsong United


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