There goes my heart beating ‘Cause you are the reason I’m losing my sleep,
Please come back now. There goes my mind racing And you are the reason
That I’m still breathing I’m hopeless now. I’d climb every mountain
And swim every ocean Just to be with you And fix what I’ve broken
Oh, ’cause I need you to see That you are the reason

My brother sent me a link to this song today actually, and the first i heard of it i fell in love with it. The lyrics to this song are deep and seem to be sincere. Calum Scott has celebrated love in this particular song, that made me believe that even the ones that dont believe in love should do. This song has really made me think and rethink about Love and well relationships. As this song starts it makes you go to a fragile place of anxiety and not knowing the cause of it, But as you, continue listening to it you realized how every relationships have difficult times but you stick with them because the love you fundamentally feel for the other person overrides everything else. You Are The Reason to me is like the wedding song with it being so emotionally powerful in terms of the lyrics as you’re literally telling someone else they are the reason. I think that it’s beautiful if said sincerely.

True love is real—deep, unconditional, everlasting love. The reason it is so rare is because it is so misunderstood. I’m talking about that deep down, life changing, earth shaking, always-and-forever kind of love—the stuff of poetry and legend. Many people are skeptical, and for good reason. Today’s culture isn’t very fertile ground for romance.  With social media, text messaging and online dating, we’ve revolutionized communication but we’ve lost the art of relationship. There are very few success stories. Sometimes it seems like there are very few people having real, face-to-face conversations anymore!

Most people’s idea of “true love” looks something like this: Mr. or Mrs. Right is waiting out there somewhere, “the One” they are destined to be with. And that special someone is looking for them too, and it’s only a matter of time before they meet each other—and of course, they’ll both live happily ever after. well that’s

Bullshit. Happily ever after doesn’t exist. And God didn’t hand pick one special person just for you. In fact, the whole idea of finding fulfillment in someone else is an illusion.  The fear of loneliness prevents us from experiencing real intimacy. True love lies beyond that fear. We have to face the “forever empty,” the unquenchable sadness deep within us; the ever present knowledge of our own mortality, that in the end we all face death all alone. The truth is that real love requires real inner work that most people just aren’t interested in. It requires that we first be happy in our solitude; that we come to know ourselves, accept ourselves and love ourselves. We have to find our peace of mind, find our purpose, our passion, our enjoyment of life. It requires that we lay down the ego’s defenses and be naked and vulnerable; that we give up our planning and fantasizing about the future and live in the Now. Only then are we really ready to love. When you fully grasp that tomorrow is not guaranteed—that this moment is truly all that we have—there is nothing to do but give everything you’ve got, expecting nothing in return.

In fact, you know in advance that your heart will be broken. You will be lied to, you will be taken for granted; you will be hurt and disappointed. Sooner or later, between here and your deathbed, you will have to say goodbye. You know it, you accept it, and you love anyway. Real love is divine. It comes from a relationship with God, a dance with emptiness which takes us beyond the human self, beyond the ego’s petty games to know a timeless love; to taste the fullness of joy.

Be someone’s reason and love like you will die to today.





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