You’ve been gone a month now but you are constantly in my thoughts and in my heart.  You were special and you touched everyone who saw with your smile and i have never had the courage to really say goodbye. I actually still feel bad that i wasn’t keen enough to see what was going on with you and your health. Kara I miss you and I think about you all the time.  You were a good girl and never let me down.  I just hope that in the end you felt the same way.  I hope that you didn’t suffer too long. When i got the call that you were no longer with us i cried but i remembered of all the good and sweet memories i had of us, you were really there for me when i needed you, i am thankful you came to my life when you did and made me grow and be responsible because i always saw that you were my little baby girl. I really tried to be objective and asked the doctors to be honest with me but when the word came that we were at the end our journey, I was surprised, but resolved to do what was right.  I appreciate that you were so happy to see me, the kisses you gave me and the big hugs. You had no idea what was to come but you were so sick. You always put on a brave face for me and I appreciate that.   You were so good at pretending that everything was okay.  You ate when I asked you too. You were a good girl right to the very end.  I hope that I never let you down because you need to know that you never let me down! 13483290_1098185173586358_12453206316723576_o.jpgI hope to some day get another “fur kid” who will help fill the void that you left.  They will never replace you but I hope that you are okay with the idea that I need to have another dog in my life and that it’s because you made such an impact on us.  That is your legacy, my sweet, sweet girl. You were the best. You will always be the best and as time passes I know that I will think of you and smile instead of how I feel now.  I wish I was more like you living in the moment and just living to please.  You were a great example of what we should all strive to be.  Good, pure and loving….

Continue Rest in peace my sweet Kara…..


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